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The research questionwhetherincome inequality subverts democracy. The importance of this study follows from the place of democracy in the current society. Notably, democracyis considered an important factor for assuring harmony, peace, and ability to control government power by limiting people in power from services marketing 5th edition zeithaml bitner gremler pdf it or using it for their stakes.

Democracy is achieved by holding elections to allow people choose those who would serve them, and then holding them accountable their actions. In essence, elections do not only create allowance for people to hold the government accountable for its actions, but also lets people participate in the political processes of making decisions. People under the democratic government have the ability to influence the decision of the government by joining political parties, forming lobby groups, and taking part in political movements, among other ways. Consequently, democratic systems are best placed to limit government power, which is associated with order and peace in the governing process. Thus, by understanding the antecedents of democracy, such as whether inequality can subvert democracy, this study will go a long way in guiding ways of achieving desirable democracy.

The question of whether income inequality can subvert democracy strands between two competing views — one that asserts that income inequalities could encourage democracy and the other that asserts income inequalities could subvert democracy. The former considers that since the need to articulate social inequality would be the driving motive for therealization of democracy. In other words, people would so hurt by social inequalities that they would endorse and support democracy, which they would consider as a way of ameliorating the inequalities. The later considers that social inequalities demoralize people about the government, orchestrated by the thinking that democratic government has failed to meet their needs. Consequently, what would have been a democratic process soon subverted, as people look for alternatives to address pertinent inequality issues affecting them. The study pursued to test the hypothesis of whether increasing economic gap between the poor and the rich have an impact on democracy. The study concluded that inequalities could subvert democracy.


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