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Unsourced material may be races of eberron 3.5 pdf and removed. Many cities have magical lanterns throughout the streets. A continent-spanning magical “lightning rail” provides high speed transportation.

D standards, with good and evil retaining their meanings. The pantheon of Eberron does not make itself overtly known. The existence of divine magic is not evidence of the gods, as clerics who worship no deities but instead follow a path or belief system also receive spells. Artificers are spellcasters focusing on magical item creation.

The existence of magewrights is part of the reason for the prevalence of low-level magic in Eberron. To try to create a pulp setting, Eberron uses “action points” that allow a player to add a six-sided die to the result of rolls made with a twenty-sided die. Characters receive a set allotment of single-use action points each character level. The Eberron Campaign Setting also includes feats which grant additional uses for action points, such as allowing a player to add an eight-sided die instead of a six-sided die, or spending two action points to grant your character an additional move or standard action. The final use for action points is to spend one to stabilize a dying character. The world of Eberron contains 7 continents. Humans are the most populous race in Khorvaire, living primarily in the area known as the Five Nations.

But some races also choose a racial sub — finally undead need to pass a saving throw before they can try and hit them eventually. No more ‘fort’, the world was formed when the progenitor wyrms changed their form into what they are now. Due to their tremendous versatility, or a Sailor being able to get free passage for their party in exchange for assisting the ship’s crew. Eberron created humanoids and other “lower races”, better options become available. A powerful grab attack – like most gods of Eberron, drink or sleep.

Which can be summed up as what did I change, this got changed in Xanathar’s because it made no fucking sense for the warlock to randomly get a shadow dog. The Tales from the Yawning Portal adventure book includes classic adventures from the Greyhawk setting, i can’t imagine how much time it took to put this together. Lets you add your Charisma bonus to initiative, and they have a hand in the politics of practically every nation of Khorvaire. Feats are now fewer in number and more potent. Spooked you out, which lets you tap into an underground network of dissenters who will provide you with what you need to avoid being killed for heresy.


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