Projection of points in engineering drawing pdf


Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Engineering drawing and artistic types of drawing, and either may be called simply “drawing” when the context is implicit. Engineering drawing shares some traits with projection of points in engineering drawing pdf drawing in that both create pictures. Engineering drawing uses an extensive set of conventions to convey information very precisely, with very little ambiguity.

Although these terms are still in use, the not -gender-specific terms draftsperson and drafter are now more common. The various fields share many common conventions of drawing, while also having some field-specific conventions. Each of these trades has some details that only specialists will have memorized. If those instructions were wrong, it is the fault of the engineer.

This is the biggest reason why the conventions of engineering drawing have evolved over the decades toward a very precise, unambiguous state. Engineering drawings specify requirements of a component or assembly which can be complicated. Standards provide rules for their specification and interpretation. ISO GPS system is invoked. It also goes on to state that marking a drawing “Tolerancing ISO 8015” is optional.

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