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A meeting place of worldwide BIM managers and BIM professionals to gather information regarding BIM, BIM software, BIM classes, BIM conference, BIM standards, BIM definition, BIM consulting. The format is indigenously supported and collaboratively visualized plugin wordpress document manager pdf the free Acrobat Reader version. The plugin comes with sample templates which provide the methods for exporting 3D PDF files. There is a Template Designeris to facilitate the users to generate supplementary templates easily.

This template can be applied to export 3D PDF files in future. Revit 2014 and Revit 2013. At first download the plugin from internet and set up it in your computer. Once the procedure is finished, the plugin automatically registers itself in Revit.

Select PDF setting button prior to export pdf files, it unfolds a dialog box inquiring you to select which template should be applied. Other PDF settings can also be arranged. In order to export 3D PDF files, press the export file button in the toolbar plugin, then the scene manager dialog box shows up containing a list of scenes, where the scenes can be selected to be comprised in the 3D PDF file which is exportable. 3D PDF file and then click save. Get organized with thousands of images. Unlimited web, stock and graphics downloads!

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