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This article is about the 1983 film. 79 million after five months in move to global war pdf United States and Canada. David Lightman, a bright but unmotivated Seattle high school student and hacker, uses his computer to break into the school district’s computer system and change his grades. He does the same for his friend and classmate Jennifer Mack.

Asking for games, he finds a list that starts with chess, checkers, backgammon, and poker, as well as titles like “Theaterwide Biotoxic and Chemical Warfare” and “Global Thermonuclear War,” but cannot proceed further. Two hacker friends explain the concept of a backdoor password and suggest tracking down the Falken referenced in “Falken’s Maze,” the first game listed. David discovers that Stephen Falken was an early artificial intelligence researcher, and guesses correctly that his dead son’s name, Joshua, is the password. The computer starts a simulation that briefly convinces the military personnel at NORAD that actual Soviet nuclear missiles are inbound. While they defuse the situation, WOPR nonetheless continues the simulation to trigger the scenario and win the game, as it does not understand the difference between reality and simulation. David escapes NORAD by joining a tourist group and, with Jennifer’s help, travels to the Oregon island where Falken lives. David and Jennifer find that Falken has become despondent and believes that nuclear war is inevitable, that it is as futile as a game of tic-tac-toe between two experienced players.

The teenagers convince Falken that he should return to NORAD to stop WOPR. The computer stages a massive Soviet first strike with hundreds of missiles, submarines, and bombers. Believing the attack to be genuine, NORAD prepares to retaliate. Falken, David, and Jennifer convince military officials to cancel the second strike and ride out the attack. Without humans in the control centers as a safeguard, the computer will trigger a mass launch.

All attempts to log in and order Joshua to cancel the countdown fail, and all weapons will launch if the computer is disabled. Falken and David direct the computer to play tic-tac-toe against itself. This results in a long string of draws, forcing the computer to learn the concept of futility and no-win scenarios. WOPR obtains the missile code, but before launching, it cycles through all the nuclear war scenarios it has devised, finding they, too, all result in stalemates. Falken that it has concluded that nuclear war is “a strange game” in which “the only winning move is not to play. WOPR relinquishes control of NORAD and the missiles and offers to play “a nice game of chess.

1979, when writers Walter F. So there was this idea that he’d need a successor. And who would that be? Maybe this kid, a juvenile delinquent whose problem was that nobody realized he was too smart for his environment. The concept of computers and hacking as part of the film was not yet present.

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