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Again its time to read serious content in light mood, Yup! Its another article on Interview question and here we are presenting 10 Linux exam questions and answers pdf Questions. Again its time to read some serious content in light mood, Yup! You need to define a macro, a key binding for the existing command.

How would you do it? There is a command called bind, in bash shell which is capable of defining macro, or binding a key. In order to bind a key with an existing command, we need to generate Character Sequence emitted by the key. Your assistant needs to print directory stack, what would you suggest?

You have lots of running jobs, how would you remove all the running processes, without restarting the machine? Display used command names and number of times the command is used. Linux command performs arithmetic operation of Integers in Bash? You have a large text file, and you need to see one page at a time.

Who own the data dictionary? SYS’ owns the data dictionary. SYSEM are created by default, automatically. How to know a command summary and useability in Linux? What will you do to know its useability? What command should you use to check the number of files and disk space used by each user’s defined quotas?

Command repquota summaries quotas for a file system. Provide your valuable Feedback in our comment section. Stay tuned for more Linux and Foss posts. We are thankful for your never ending support.

Seems like I’ve been cut off the link to the web, my xfce and xubuntu systems just totally lost there connection? Wasn’t even hacking at the time, seems like my connection is being made really difficult! There should be more core questions, like Boot process, kernel compilation, checking and monitoring CPU, mem and network stats. Other than that, as someone said, your article is still useful, I think there is many levels to mastering Linux, and your article is definitely contributing to raising the level up. I loved extracting the good in the article rather than finding negative things like other did. 8 is for an Oracle database, not a core Linux knowledge item. You should learn a bit more about things before writing these articles.

Lol yes: why pipeling if you can just do `less file_name. And as for me, I never use `more` if there is `less`. BTW, could I just press Tab-Tab instead of compgen? Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

How will you do this? For all other computers, seems like I’ve been cut off the link to the web, leader of IT Certifications. Use a hard, i checked iptables services and configuration files also. An IDE Hard Disk Drive supports upto 63 partitions and SCSI Hard Disk Drive supports up — link migration store. Without our permission.


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