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The story is based on the Beauchamps’ move to Karori a country suburb of Wellington in 1893. Alpers says that some readers may not pick katherine mansfield the fly pdf the numerous hints that Linda is pregnant.

The story is divided into twelve sections. Burnell family is moving out of their house. There isn’t enough room left on the buggy for Lottie and Kezia to get in because of all the stuff from the removal. A neighbour, Mrs Samuel Josephs, will look after them until another van comes in the evening to pick up other stuff.

The children are told to mingle with the neighbours’ children, and they are given tea. Then Kezia goes back into her old house, looks about a few remaining items, then gets scared of something behind her. Lottie draws by and says the storeman is there to pick them up. Aunt Beryl are having tea.

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