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What it strategy issues and practices 2nd edition pdf you looking for? This course will provide participants with the opportunity to learn and apply a step-by-step approach on how to conduct culturally responsive evaluations. It will use theory-driven evaluation as a framework, because it ensures that evaluation is integrated into the design of programs. Upon registration, participants will receive a copy of the book chapter discussing this model.

During the workshop, participants will reflect on their own cultural self-awareness, a prerequisite for conducting culturally responsive evaluations. In addition, they will explore strategies for applying cultural responsiveness to evaluation practice using examples from the instructor’s first-hand experience and other program evaluations. They will receive a package of useful handouts, as well as a list of selected resources. Understanding of evaluation and research design. This course uses some material from Bledsoe, K. The use and usefulness of evaluation work is highly affected by the effectiveness of reporting strategies and tools.

Care in crafting both the style and substance of findings and recommendations is critical to ensure that stakeholders pay attention to the message. Skill in presenting sufficient information — yet not overwhelming the audience — is essential to raise the likelihood that potential users of the information will be convinced with both the relevance and the validity of the data. This course will provide guidance and practical tips on reporting evaluation findings. The text provided as part of course fee is Torres et al. ECB has received increased levels of attention in the evaluation community over the past decade as funders of government and nonprofit institutions frequently request evaluations as part of the funding award. Given this context, it perhaps is no surprise that when we think of ECB, we tend to think about training people on how to plan and implement evaluations. This is certainly very important.

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ECB activities in order to facilitate this support. Not everybody needs to be an evaluator to support high-quality evaluation practice and learning, but for those who aren’t going to be doing evaluation what do they need to know and why do they need to know it? This course provides practitioners with an opportunity to consider what types of evaluation capacity they want to build within their organization and why. Participants will engage throughout the course in building a logic model of a potential ECB intervention for their organization with specific emphasis on what needs to change among whom in the organization. This class offers the opportunity for participants to learn from someone who has been a successful evaluation consultant for 30 years. Issues addressed include: What does it take to establish an independent consulting practice? How do you find your consulting niche?

How do you attract clients, determine how much to charge, create collaborations, and generate return business? Included will be discussion on such topics as marketing, pricing, bidding on contracts, managing projects, resolving conflicts, professional ethics, and client satisfaction. Participants will be invited to share their own experiences and seek advice on situations they’ve encountered. The course is highly interactive and participant-focused.

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