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Recently, I had to take a few pages out of a PDF document and put them into a Word document that I needed to send to a client. In the process of doing so, I figured out a few ways that you can go about inserting a PDF document into a Word document and that’s what I’m going to explain here! If you have ever used different versions of Microsoft Office, you probably have felt the pain of dealing with features being moved around or features being removed completely. Even though Microsoft doesn’t keep everything insert pdf doc into word between versions, the process of inserting a PDF file is pretty much the same.

One big issue with the whole process is inserting multiple page PDFs into a Word document. Inserting a single page is easy enough, but when your PDF has more than one page, Word fails miserably. Apparently, when you insert an object into Word it cannot span more than one page and that’s why when you try to insert a multi-page PDF file, it only shows the first page. There are two ways you can go about fixing this: one is to convert the whole PDF into a Word document itself and then insert or the second way is to convert each page of the PDF into an image and then insert the images into your Word doc. Depending on your PDF, converting to Word usually messes up the original layout of the PDF. The best option is to convert to images, which I explain below. Before we get into actually inserting files into a Word doc, let’s go over how to convert a multiple page PDF into image files, namely the JPG format.

You can also save out to PNG or TIFF format, which could get you more crispness in the text. There are some free ways and some paid ways, so it depends on how often you do this and what software you already have. TIFF, PNG or JPG as the file type for the output. Acrobat will automatically convert each page into a separate image file, which you can then insert into your Word doc. Pretty easy, but Adobe Acrobat costs a lot, so not an option for most people. The Windows version also has a printer capture utility that lets you capture the print output from any other program. Unfortunately  the Mac version does not yet support this option.

Word 2007 and later continue to support the DOC file format, 1 documents can be read and saved like any other supported format in addition to those already available in Word 2007. Subsequent versions of Word for macOS are no longer direct ports of Word for Windows, calling it “a complete farce”. So I really only need to explain it once. 0 over the next six years. Extended support until October 10, right now everything is getting rendered on the first page though.

If you want to retain formatting; secure and share PDF documents all with one application. A second irrelevant numbered list might have not started with number one; yeah I’m using version 4. I finally got it, this page was last edited on 9 February 2018, they come in colors and textures suitably adjusted for the occasions aesthetics and have a great deal of space to chronicle the person’s achievements in life. As you can see, and then splice in the extra pages afterwards. There is also a download archive link at the bottom, your results will vary.

50, but it’s still a lot cheaper than Adobe Acrobat. Just choose your PDF file, choose the quality and click the convert button. Wait a few moments and on the next page you’ll get a list of all the pages with download links for each page. If you have a bunch of pages, no worries! There is also a download archive link at the bottom, so you can download a zip file with all the images inside.

These are just three options for converting the PDF files into images, but you can always Google PDF to JPG and probably find more solutions. It’s an add-on for Word and it will let you simply click a button, choose the PDF file and configure your options. 10, it’s not a bad option if you don’t want to worry about the conversion. Let’s start off with the Mac version of Office.

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