How to import a pdf file to sketchup


Can you import PDF plans? RSS feed of ‘How to import a pdf file to sketchup you import PDF plans? On a Mac, which natively supports PDF files, you can import PDF files to use as reference.

Is there a technical drawback somehow and we shouldn’t expect in Windows to have this feature soon? Or even better, make SU for Win read pdf files. This would also be beneficial for plugin developers as we then could use the same cursors and toolbar icons for both Win and Mac. I ran into what seemed insurmountable differences between their modeling concepts, and I gave up. Below is a discussion of what I found.

A PDF actually contains a program that is executed by a drawing engine to generate the graphic output. There are also other uses of paths, such as creating clipping boundaries. Many PDFs create a new graphic context for each path. The graphics engine takes care of issues such as anti-aliasing based on the physical properties of the output medium and the overall scale it is told to use. That is, the conceptual model is of layers of paint applied to a canvas. Each successive item drawn simply overlays whatever was there before, without merging, blending, intersecting, or otherwise interacting with it. In many samples I tested, I also found that the painter’s algorithm causes people to be imprecise when drawing lines in PDFs.

Because they have width and end handling, two lines can appear to meet at a vertex when in fact they leave a gap or are misaligned. Fundamentally, a PDF edge is no different from an area: the graphics engine generates an outline and then fills it. The number of Edges required is much larger than you might expect! However all the coordinates on the 1:100 PDF drawing had been rounded to the point where it was almost impossible to work with in SU.

Suddenly parallel lines weren’t considered parallel anymore and perpendicular ones weren’t perpendicular. I think most applications that creates PDFs round coordinates to something that works great when looked at but can’t be scaled up and worked on later in a modeler. But that was a simple drawing. Does anyone have a more complex PDF that contains vectors that I can try? If a line is parallel to an axis both the start and end will be rounded the same and it will keep being parallel to that axis.


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