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Investigates the factors that explain the inflow of FDI to Africa. The target variable is human capital, proxied by educational attainments. Most proxies and control factors, e. FDI inflows to sub-Saharan Africa. 2012 to asses if changing skill needs influence FDI inflows. Several measures of HK are used to assess whether the quality of labor explains FDI flows over the study period. Various versions of an FDI model were estimated and the results show that all measures of HK have a significant influence on FDI, as are the traditional variables.

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There is no evidence of the increasing importance of HK on FDI over time, probably reflecting the type of FDI flowing into SSA. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Ethiopia remains underdeveloped due to limitations in natural, human, social and built capital. A 2006 scientific atelier conducted in the city of Awassa, Ethiopia investigated investments in human and natural capital as a sustainable development strategy. Local stakeholders identified firewood shortages, degradation of croplands, rising lake levels encroaching on croplands and poor water quality as major impediments to development. They further identified ecological degradation as a key component of these problems, and they acknowledged multiple vicious cycles compounding the environmental and economic threats to the Awassa community.

Proposed solutions included investment in natural capital in the form of reforestation activities, investment in human capital in the form of promoting more efficient wood stoves along with increasing public awareness of environmental threats, and investments in social capital in the form of inter-institutional coordination to address environmental problems. All recommended investments rely primarily on national resources, in distinct contrast to the extensive imports required for most built capital investments. Unfortunately, Awassa lacks the surplus necessary for major capital investments of any kind. The atelier therefore helped local participants identify potential funders and write grant proposals for various projects, though none have been funded so far. Reversing the ecological degradation on the scale necessary for sustained economic development in Ethiopia however will require a steady flow of substantial investments, and cannot rely solely on the short term generosity of funders.


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