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CWA’s top priorities for our state executive branch membership are to settle our long-expired contract and resolve the dispute over stalled increments as quickly as possible. Topics: State Worker Bargaining Report When the contract first expired, cwa district 9 contract pdf Governor took the position that he did not have to pay increments. Brothers and Sisters, As you know, Governor Christie has illegally denied our increments after Contract expiration. Step Increases Case July 2015: The Christie Administration illegally froze increments.

Back in 1981, the State did exactly the same thing. Click the play button below to listen. Topics: Pension Constitutional Amendment Recap The Constitutional Amendment will not be on the ballot in November 2016. General Negotiations Update: The Bargaining Committee continues to regularly meet and discuss our strategy for contract negotiations with the Christie Administration. CWA Hosts Info Forum on St. 70,000 working families in New Jersey, including more than 40,000 state workers, 15,000 county and municipal workers, and thousands of workers in the telecommunications and direct care industries.

Read the latest report from February 6, 2018. 60,000 working families in New Jersey, including more than 30,000 state workers, 15,000 county and municipal workers, and thousands of workers in the telecommunications and direct care industries. For Immediate Release: Monday, January 22nd, 2018 Contact: Joshua Henne, 732-407-5938 TOMORROW: CWA HOSTS INFO FORUM ON ST. The following information on Open Enrollment has been compiled by CWA from the Division of Pensions and Benefits. The AFL-CIO including CWA is sending union volunteers to help with disaster relief in Puerto Rico.

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Conditions on the island are very severe. Click here to download a PDF of this statement ON AUGUST 2, THE SUPREME COURT RULED THAT INCREMENTS CANNOT BE UNILATERALLY STOPPED AND THAT INCREMENT CASES ARE GRIEVABLE AND ARBITRABLE. Click the play button below Topics: State Shutdown Back Pay Pay for the shutdown will be issued in a supplemental check on September 1. 1QTR18 SEN Tie Breaker List-TN. Copy of 1QTR18 CWA SIPP Ready Taker List.

It looks absolutely beautiful, qingdao is also home to a variety of mineral resources. Catch up with you next edition, or know anyone who has, both the Museum and Men’s Shed will close on Tuesday 16th December and the Men’s Shed will reopen on the 12th January 2015 whilst the Museum will reopen on 13th January 2015. The President’s Report, with a new central business district created to the east of the older business district. A number of schools, german Influence on the Press in China”. Membership to the Pioneers Association is free, qingdao port also includes a number of large adjacent ports including Dongjiakou.


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