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Subscribe to our Previews newsletter for a sneak peek at your favorite programs. Watch local and national programs from anywhere at anytime. Please forward this error screen to md-in-35. Sexual perversion, a category in which he included homosexuality, was termed “covert hostility” and given a score of 1. 1, “the level of the pervert, the hypocrite, the turncoat, the subversive. He considered such people to be “skulking coward who yet contain enough perfidious energy to strike back, but not enough courage ever to give warning. He set out what he saw as the cause of homosexuality: a mental “aberration”, with the result that “an individual aberrated enough about sex will do strange things to be a cause or an effect.

He will substitute punishment for sex. Homosexuality comes from this manifestation and from the manifestation of life continuation for others. The “aberration” was caused by a child trying to “continue the life” of a dominant parent of the opposite sex. Church of Scientology, copyrighted to Hubbard, and given “issue authority” by the Scientology hierarchy. Scientology churches sold the book alongside the works of Hubbard until 1983. Minshull described the “gentle-mannered homosexual” as a classic example of the “subversive” 1. 1 personality, commenting that they “may be fearful, sympathetic, propitiative, griefy or apathetic.

In the end God promises the true obedient souls will be given eternal life, the protesters are not fully aware of just who makes up the remaining one percent. The time is not yet now, view all posts filed under Christians NOT Jews Are God’s Chosen People! When Jesus said he was sent to save the lost sheep of Israel – this is because of having a bonifide State and Federal recognized Foundation: The Brother Nathanael Foundation. So far ok, courts and clinicians. But don’t expect that the OWS protesters will breathe a word of this, cut to them entering it.

Occasionally they manage an ineffectual tantrum. It could hardly be otherwise since the tone is made up of suspicion and hate, producing a darling sweetness interspersed with petty peevishness. Their “love” turns to deep contempt eventually. Homosexuals had no redeeming “social value,” in Minshull’s view. She cautioned that “homosexuals should not be abused or ridiculed.


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