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This article is about monogamy in non-human species. Monogamy is defined as a alcock animal behavior pdf free bond between those of the same species.

Monogamy can be partitioned into two categories, social monogamy and genetic monogamy which may occur together in some combination, or completely independently of one another. A larger percentage of avian species are known to have monogamous relationships, but this may be biased by the vast amount of research conducted on these species compared to other animal species. Social monogamy refers to the cohabitation of males and females. The two individuals cooperate in search of resources such as food and shelter.

With social monogamy there may not be an expected sexual fidelity between the males and the females. The existence of purely social monogamy is a polygamous social pair with extra pair coupling. Social monogamy has been shown to increase fitness in prairie voles. It has been shown that female prairie voles live longer when paired with males in a social monogamous relationship. This could be because of the shared energy expenditure by the males and females lower each individual’s input. In largemouth bass females are sometimes seen to exhibit cuckold behavior by laying some of their eggs in another female’s nest, thus “stealing” fertilizations from other females.

Sexual conflicts that have been proposed to arise from social monogamy include infidelity and parental investment. The proposed conflict is derived from the conflict-centric differential allocation hypothesis which states that there is a tradeoff between investment and attractiveness. Genetic monogamy refers to a mating system in which fidelity of the bonding pair is exhibited. In some species genetic monogamy has been enforced.

Female voles have shown no difference in fecundity with genetic monogamy, but it may be enforced by males in some instances. Mate guarding is a typical tactic in monogamous species. It is present in many animal species and can sometimes be expressed in lieu of parental care by males. This may be for many reasons including paternity assurance.

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